Non-operative Foot and Ankle Treatments

Orthotics – These are devices that are worn to correct foot and ankle problems. They include foot pads, shoe inserts, and ankle braces. Foot pads are placed on the sole of the shoe. They are often used to treat conditions that include metatarsal pain. Shoe inserts are also placed in the shoe. These devices are used to treat problems that include foot arthritis and flat feet. Ankle braces are worn by the patient before fitting into a shoe. They are used to treat diseases like ankle arthritis, foot drop, and tendinitis. Depending on the type or severity of the condition, some inserts and braces need to be custom made for the patient. 


Many of the complications associated with diabetes can be effectively treated and even prevented with the appropriate diagnosis and care. The Rothman Institute Foot & Ankle team was specifically created to provide the best treatment available for the diabetic foot. Our approach is comprehensive and multidisciplinary.

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