Carol - Bilateral Knee Replacement

In 2014, I began having pain in my right hip. I wasn't really surprised because both my mother and one sister had hip replacements. My neighbor, Francine, had knee replacements at Rothman in Pa. Their reputation was good, as she highly recommended them. I was happy that I didn't need to go to Philadelphia for surgery when Francine told me about the Manahawkin office.

My husband and I met with Dr. Orozco shortly thereafter, but I was not prepared for what he told me. He said that he recommended surgery first on my right hip, then right knee, left knee, and left hip. I knew I had issues with my hips, but was not prepared for the other recommendations. I was in shock, had to think things through. I overheard Dr. Orozco say to a colleague," she's a nice lady, but she's not ready." He was right.

My husband and I left that day and I started doing some research into hip replacement. A few months later we rescheduled with Dr. Orozco for more discussion and to schedule my surgery. We opted for later in the year, two days before Thanksgiving, no cooking for me that year !!!! Yeah.

I should mention at this point that for years I have been an active gym participant. My being strong, not overweight, not having other serious medical issues contributed enormously to the surgery outcome and my recovery. But what contributed more, was Dr. Orozco's experience and his expertise.

I stayed overnight in the hospital after surgery. I went home the next day. With a cane, I walked around the house, up and down stairs from day one. Three and a half weeks after surgery, I walked into Dr. Orozco's exam room without a cane.

I had outpatient PT, but went back to my gym instead, at 5 weeks . I walked on the treadmill, and did weights for upper body. At 6 weeks, when there was no concern for infection, I used the pool at our gym.

When my knees began hurting me, interfering with my quality of life and my ability to exercise, I made an appointment with Dr. Orozco. Again, I had continued to keep myself as fit as I could for my age.

At my appointment with Dr. Orozco he surprised me by suggesting that I was a good candidate for double knee replacement. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Dr. Orozco. So when he felt I was a good candidate for a double knee replacement, I said, " let's do it".

So, in January, 2016, I had a double knee replacement. I stayed overnight in the hospital, and went home the next day!!! I used a walker around the house, and a cane, up and down stairs with a cane from day one. I think because my hip surgery was so "easy" for me, I expected the knee surgery would be just as easy a recovery. I was wrong, it's a more difficult surgery because the knees support your whole body. I used a shower chair till I felt secure standing for longer periods of time. At about three weeks, I was sleeping better and feeling more like myself. Would I recommend it? It's one surgery, one anesthesia, and one recovery. But it's not right for everyone. But I'm SO glad I did it. I have such freedom of motion, can enjoy working out and being healthy!!! I have no restrictions to any activities. I've lost 8 pounds, and lowered my blood pressure because I've been able to exercise.

Right now, my left hip is not bothering me at all, yeah! Maybe because my knees are in alignment now? I don't know. But, I know who to consult if it does.

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