Larry's Rothman Story - Total Shoulder Replacement

Larry's Rothman Story - Total Shoulder Replacement

Don’t let the rosy cheeks and sweet demeanor fool you, Larry Aliberti is as strong as they come. For over 20 years he’s been flexing his muscles as a Philadelphia law enforcement officer, amateur powerlifter, and volunteer firefighter… but when Larry felt a pop one day in his shoulder, everything came to a crashing halt. Enter the Rothman Institute.

His specialist analyzed the situation, weighed Larry’s options and laid everything out… recommending a total shoulder replacement. “We’re gonna get you where you need to be,” Larry’s doctor told him, immediately putting him at ease.

Two hours after surgery, Larry was moving his arm. A week later, he was back in the gym. Now he wakes up pain-free, works out like a tank, and runs headfirst into fiery blazes. Want to know what strength looks like? Larry will show you.

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