Paula - Bilateral Knee Replacement

I was in such pain I would crawl to bed at the end of the day. I was existing to go to work and did nothing else but rest to prepare for the next day. I tried my best to participate in life, I felt it slowly slipping away from me.

I went to see Dr. Eric Smith at Rothman Institute in May of 2016, and was completely shocked when he said he need to replace both of my knees at the same time, there was just too much damage. I was terrified! But the special preparation done so well to help me understand the pre and post surgical processes, including online tools and personal phone calls.

I had my replacements on July 11th and began at first a very slow and painful rehab. But each day there was improvement, and I couldn't believe that at 10 days post op I was walking up and down a flight of stairs with just a cane!

I was able to go back to work as a massage therapist at 8 weeks! I celebrated my 4th month anniversary of replacement with a trip to visit my family in Northern California! I was able to hike through the coastal redwood forest, and go up and down several flights of steps along the cliffs to the Pacific Ocean. I have walked all over NYC in holiday crowds, enjoyed the beauty of Winterthur gardens in the fall and winter, and best of all played with my Grandson.

I recently had my 6th month check in with Dr. Smith, and I shared a few pictures of the places I have gone because of his amazing abilities and knowledge! I will be forever grateful to everyone from Rothman Institute who was part of my journey!

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