Rachel's Rothman Story - Nonoperative Spine Treatment

Rachel's Rothman Story - Nonoperative Spine Treatment

Most low back pain can be treated without surgery, which was FANTASTIC news for this young mom on the go. Rachel’s life revolves around her daughter, but after herniating a disk while picking her up, caring for her became totally impossible. Rachel couldn’t stand. She couldn’t hold her baby. She couldn’t handle the thought of not helping. So when her Rothman team explained options outside of surgery, Rachel felt her first sign of relief.

“I wanted to take care of my daughter as soon as possible,” Rachel said. “My Rothman doctor understood where I was coming from, and he knew how to help me.”

Thanks to steroid injections, Rachel avoided surgery and is back to being a mom. She’s working, exercising and of course changing plenty of diapers.

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