Find the Best Ankle Surgeons This Area Has to Offer

October 3rd, 2014

 Consider the daily impact and the yearly wear and tear that your feet and ankles sustain over time. Did you know that in the lifetime of an average person, over 100,000 miles are traveled by foot? It’s no wonder then that foot pain and ankle injuries are some of the most commonly reported reasons why patients seek out the help of a specialist. And depending on the condition and what kind of treatment options are available, patients also often look to find the best ankle surgeons in their region. And it certainly makes sense...if you need to have ankle surgery, why not get care from the very best?

While the prospect of surgery may be discouraging, the good news is that the Tri State area is home to some of the very best ankle surgeons in the country! At the regional locations of Rothman Institute, specializing physicians provide outstanding care for foot and ankle patients, performing thousands of successful surgeries each year. Of course, not every patient needs to have surgery to correct their injury, relieve arthritis or remedy nerve damage. In many cases, ankle pain will relieve itself over a period of time with rest, ice, compression and elevation. 
However, if surgery is necessary, you will want to be seen by a team of specialists who can properly diagnose the issue and develop a treatment plan to get you back to an active, healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. There are many potential reasons why ankle surgery may be necessary. Here is a list of some of the more common surgeries that the Rothman Institute team of foot and ankle physicians perform on a regular basis:
Why Rothman?
Besides the fact that Rothman is a recognized leader in clinical research and advancements across the field of orthopedics, there are several other important reasons why our physicians are considered to be the best ankle surgeons around.
1. All physicians are experts in their specialities. That means that when you see a foot and ankle doctor at your appointment, you’re getting access to a medical professional with years of extensive experience in the diagnosis, treatment and care of the specific body part in which you are experiencing pain.
2. Rothman Institute is a place for innovation. Practically, this means that our patients benefit from access to the latest advancements and the most cutting-edge treatment options in the field.
3. Our mission statement is all about you! That’s right. We’ve made it our official mission to provide patients with quality, compassionate and affordable care that’s grounded in evidence based medicine and which will provide exceptional results.


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