The Best Concussion Program Philadelphia Patients Can Find

July 18th, 2014

 Advanced medical research and development in the field of orthopedics has led to impressive solutions to problems ranging from hip arthritis to knee ligament tears. Patients benefit from the advanced level of understanding that many physicians have with the major joints of the body - and it makes sense. Hip and knee injuries and degenerative conditions are common, so we expect that our orthopedic physicians would have the knowledge and skill to provide cutting-edge care when it comes to those areas. But what about injuries to the head? Are they not just as common and just as dangerous to leave untreated? Has the medical community forgotten about the need to provide the best concussion program Philadelphia patients truly need?

Now that more research has proven the potential, long-term damaging effects of trauma to the head, patients in the tri-state area have come to expect a higher level of expertise when it comes to concussions. These head injuries are common in athletes that play impact sports, but concussions can occur in anyone, anytime that force to the head, neck or chest is sustained. 
For those looking for the best concussion program Philadelphia has to offer, Rothman Institute has provided a solution! In it’s partnership with Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center (located in the Naval Yard), the Rothman team of world-renowned physicians are offering local patients the opportunity to have the kind of advanced-level care that they need when a concussion is sustained.
If you or someone you care about is experiencing any combination of the following symptoms, don’t hesitate! It’s time for a visit to the best concussion program Philadelphia patients can find - the Rothman Institute at Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center.
Common Concussion Symptoms:
Confusion/slowed reactions
Sensitivity to light and sound
Mood Changes/instability
Sleep disturbances or extreme fatigue

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