lateral collateral ligament injury in Bryn Mawr

Patient Options for Lateral Collateral Ligament Injury Near Bryn Mawr

The knee is the hinge between the thigh and lower leg and is powerful, but can be unusually vulnerable to ligament injury.

For active individuals that participate in direct contact sports, a ligament tear or sprain is common. Any force that impacts the outside of the knee may also cause injury. Soccer players and football athletes report higher incidents than others. If you or your loved one has suffered from a lateral collateral ligament injury in Bryn Mawr, Rothman Institute is here to provide expert help for the restoration of the knee’s functionality and strength.

First steps

Immediately, the first step should be seeking a doctor’s examination. The lateral collateral ligament (LCL) is a part of a complex anatomy of ligaments attached to the femur and fibula bones in the knee. It is located on the outside of the knee and if injured you may experience other structural injuries in the knee as well. The role of this ligament is the bracing movement of the knee to protect it from usual blows, as well as sideways movements.

An evaluation will reveal the severity of the sprain. The swelling and instability of the knee will be checked. Often the knee will be compared against the healthy, damage-free knee. A patient’s medical condition and preferences will also be discussed. If there are any concerns of broken bone fragments, cartilage tears, or other structural impairment, the doctor will proceed with x-rays and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. A patient should leave the evaluation confident that there are treatment plan options.

Patient Options Near Bryn Mawr

The type of treatments methods available can either be conservative or surgical. Under a doctor’s guidance, the knee’s range of motion and functionality will be targeted. The healing process will be gradual, often through the utilization of multiple treatments at a time. Icing, bracing the injury, and physical therapy may be recommended. In some instances, medicines may be prescribed to treat inflammation. Surgical treatment involves will involve arthroscopy through small incisions using miniature tools.

Orthopaedic specialists at Rothman Institute will utilize the most relevant medical treatments to heal and restore a patient’s LCL. When a patient with a lateral collateral ligament injury near Bryn Mawr is looking for advanced and dedicated care, they can look no further than Rothman Institute.

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