A Patient's Journey with Dr. Orozco, Part 3

March 7th, 2017

This is part 3 in a series. To read part 1, please click here.A week after her successful post op visit Genoveffa Colandrea was back at Rothman Institute’s Manahawkin office for a visit with one of Rothman’s Registered Dietitians, Ciara Beck.
Prior to her surgery, Colandrea underwent nutritional counseling with Beck to prepare herself for her total knee replacement. 

With her surgery behind her and her rehabilitation going well it was time to review her eating habits and goals and make sure she was still on track in order to make the most out of her new knee. 
“I cheated a little,” Colandrea admitted to Beck. “I was sitting around so much I guess I was just bored. I am a little afraid of what the scale is going to say today.”
Beck reassured her it would be fine, and then they walked to the scale.
Since her last appointment six weeks ago and after a total knee replacement Colandrea was just two pounds heavier.

“That’s great I am so happy,” Beck responded when seeing the scale. “Don’t worry it will come right back off.”

When they sat back down Beck and Colandrea discussed food options going forward. Salmon, chicken, tuna, salads and yogurt were all on the menu.
“Are you bored with your food options?” asked Beck. 

“No it’s all good I just got to get back on track,” Colandrea replied.
“Just keep chipping away, you are fine,” Beck said smiling.

The two discussed her recovery in detail. Colandrea said the knee feels good and her one month follow-up appointment went well.
She also explained she wants the nice weather to break and to join a local gym. She can’t do the gym just yet, but Beck was happy to hear her looking forward to exercising more.
Last question Beck had for Colandrea was if there were any special occasions coming up? 

Birthdays? Anniversaries? Any kind of party? The kind of event where there is a lot of food around, most of it unhealthy.
If there was Beck just wanted to stress to Colandrea to enjoy her treats in moderation, but Colandrea was adamant, even if there were some celebrations coming up she wasn’t going cheat.
After scheduling her next appointment the two wrapped up the visit.

“See you soon,” said Colandrea. Next time I see you I will be back to my new normal.”
Beck replied, “Ok great! Remember to be positive. It helps weight loss.”

Be sure to check back for Part 4!

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