Reconstructive Orthopedics from Top Ranked Rothman Institute Doctors

August 8th, 2013
The physicians of Rothman Institute are dedicated to focusing solely on their specialty areas and therefore are able to give each of their patients the best possible, most specific care available. As experts in their fields, our doctors are constantly leading new advances in clinical research and performing the most cutting edge procedures with the most advanced technology. Reconstructive orthopedics is just one of the primary areas of focus in which Rothman doctors specialize. 
Offering a full spectrum of care options for their patients, the doctors of Rothman Institute are ready to serve any patient dealing with orthopedic pain and discomfort. Musculoskeletal problems can be painful and can limit patient’s ability to move well and perform daily tasks. Our patients often find that the reconstructive orthopedic methods provided by Rothman Institute are life changing. 
Helping patients get back to leading pain free lives and granting them the ability to return to their normal levels of activity are primary goals of Rothman Institute. Our reconstructive orthopedic doctors specialize and take pride in their ability to restore function and easy mobility to patient’s joints and muscles. A variety of treatment options are available to all Rothman Institute patients and our services provided include:
  • physical therapy
  • medication management
  • injections and surgical procedures
Over 7,000 surgical procedures are performed by Rothman Institute doctors every year. The Institute’s professionals are well trained, well prepared and well equipped to deal with any orthopedic issue they may face. No matter what the situation, these doctors will work with their patients on an individual and personal basis to ensure that the most effective, economical, efficient and productive care is given. With a growing number of locations, receiving care from Rothman Institute specialists has never been easier.
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