Your Journey Through Hip Arthroscopy

Your Journey Through Hip Arthroscopy

Fabio R. Orozco, M.D. July 20th, 2015

Hip arthroscopy is a developing field of orthopaedics which is bringing very promising results to patients with painful hip conditions across the country. If you or a loved one have suffered from ongoing hip pain due to an injury or an ongoing disease, your doctor may recommend this procedure to relieve pain and help you return to your favorite activities.  

Hip arthroscopy is a unique, less invasive outpatient procedure for addressing painful hip conditions. It uses fiber-optic cameras and small instruments to make repairs that have traditionally been done through larger open incisions. Because of this change, it offers the following benefits:
A quicker recovery period?
Less scarring?
Safe and effective outcomes?
At Rothman Institute, we are among the national leaders in this growing field of orthopaedics. Because our specialists perform hundreds of these procedures annually, they are able to offer the most experienced service, as well as important guidance through this procedure. One of our goals is to share that experience in order to help you understand what to expect throughout the arthroscopy process.
Diagnosis of Injury or Illness
If you begin experiencing pain in your hip either gradually over time or after an injury , it is important to talk with a doctor as soon as possible. In particular, an orthopaedic expert can help you to understand the injury or illness that is causing your pain and whether or not arthroscopy may be an appropriate treatment method.
Hip arthroscopy treats a number of different injuries or illnesses. Conditions which can often be treated using this method include:
Labral tears?
Loose bodies?
Hip impingement (FAI)?
Articular cartilage injuries?
This type of procedure is often considered ideal for athletes and for those under the age of 50. As a part of the evaluation process, your doctor will also ask questions about pre-existing arthritis, infection, regional pain syndromes, and overall health, as these may indicate that another treatment method may be more appropriate.
Hip Arthroscopy Treatment
If your doctor does recommend hip arthroscopy as a potential treatment method for your condition, it is important that you find a practice with experienced surgeons. Arthroscopy of the hip is not a common technique, so your surgeon’s experience level can significantly impact your experience. At Rothman Institute, you can find some of the most experienced surgeons in this field.
Recovery and Future Outlook
One of the greatest benefits of hip arthroscopy procedures is the recovery outlook. Because there is a smaller incision, you can expect a quicker recovery than you would after a traditional surgery. This means that you can look forward to more quickly returning to the activities you love.
In order to facilitate a smooth and effective recovery period, it is important to follow all instructions from your surgeon after the procedure. Often, these instructions may include proper wound care, a period of rest, and potentially physical therapy to help you regain your strength. Because every situation is a little bit different, it is important to talk with your doctor about what to expect after your arthroscopic hip procedure.  
Rothman Institute
If you believe that you’re a candidate of hip arthroscopy in the Tri-State area, make sure that you take those steps with Rothman Institute.  As one of the nation’s leaders in arthroscopic hip procedures, we are actively involved in research and develop surrounding this technique, as well as teaching it to the next generation of hip surgeons.  
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 1.800.321.9999.

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