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  • The Worst Part About Recovering From a Concussion

    Friday July 31, 2015

    “Right now I think the biggest help for us with concussion is that we now have objective and subjective signs,” said Franks. “And you know, when I first started this it really was all about what the patient told us.” According to Franks, the measurement of balance is a direct reflection of certain elements of brain function. Advances in computer-based neuropsychological testing—a process that compares pre- and post-impact scores to assess cognitive ability—help, too. “We can also now objectively look at cognition, the way the brain is working,” he said.
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  • FAQs About Tennis Elbow

    Tuesday July 21, 2015

    Tennis elbow, a condition also called lateral epicondylitis, is one of the most common elbow injuries in the world of sports. This painful condition typically occurs when the tendons in an athlete's elbow are overworked, usually through repetitive movement of the wrist and arm. Although the exact causes of this condition are as yet unknown, it is thought to be due to tiny tears of the tendons that attach the muscles of the forearm to the arm bone at the elbow joint. However, despite the uncertainties still surrounding this common conditions, the experts at Rothman Institute still have answers to many of your frequently asked questions.
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Dr. Marchetto discusses golfing and hydration

Rothman Institute's Dr. Paul Marchetto discusses the importance of staying hydrated while golfing.

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