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Rothman Institute Ice Rink at Dilworth Park



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  • Shoulder Health & Preventing the Need for Total Shoulder Replacement in Philadelphia

    Friday October 24, 2014

    Much like the hip, the shoulder is a ball and socket joint. In the case of the shoulder, the “socket” is the area of the scapula (shoulder blade) that holds the head of the humerus arms bone (which is the ball, in this case). Just above the large, ball in socket shoulder joint, there is also a acromioclavicular joint.
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  • The Good News About Increasing High School Concussion Rates

    Wednesday October 22, 2014

    If you’re a parent, it seems like your list of cares grows daily. With every stage in your child’s life, there comes new ways to possibly destroy their chances of a happy and successful future. You have to weigh issues such as private school vs. public school (or homeschool?), iPhone 5 vs. functional outdated phone (or no phone?), and storebrand food vs. organic (or gluten free?).
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Rothman Institute's Dr. Franks appears on NBC10's @Issue

Rothman Institute's Dr. Franks appears on NBC10's @Issue to discuss concussions.

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