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  • 7 Answers About Arthritis Hip Pain

    Friday October 9, 2015

    Have you, or has someone you love, recently been diagnosed with arthritis hip pain? Whether the condition has been confirmed or you are still looking for a final diagnosis, you may have a number of questions about arthritis of the hips and its implications for your life. At Rothman Institute, we understand that finding answers to these questions is an important stage in moving forward in the treatment of your condition. We have compiled the answers to the top seven questions about arthritis hip pain.
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  • Is It Time To Seek Physicians For Achilles Pain Tendonitis?

    Wednesday October 7, 2015

    If you have been suffering from ankle pain, you may be wondering when you should seek out medical attention. If this pain tends to get worse during or after use and seems centered at the very back of your ankle, you may wonder if it could be Achilles tendonitis pain. Does this mean it is time to seek out physicians for Achilles pain tendonitis? When should you make the decision that rest isn’t enough of a solution and that it is time to seek out a doctor instead? At Rothman Institute, we want to help you and your loved ones make these important decisions with the helpful information below.
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Dr. Marchetto discusses golfing and hydration

Rothman Institute's Dr. Paul Marchetto discusses the importance of staying hydrated while golfing.

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